When I was a little guy helping my Dad on his farm I used to get stuck with some of the routine tasks around the place. One of them was to take all the organic refuse down to a large pile he kept out back and throw it on the top hoping for nature to take its course and turn the...

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Written by John Farrar, Trees in Canada, updates the very popular Native Trees in Canada series. The book describes 300 native and naturalized species with comprehensive descriptions and drawings or pictures of leaves, twigs, cones and seeds. The excellent quality colour...

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As I write my first message, I am reflecting on notes jotted down in my daily journal when I was first elected to serve you beginning in January 2011. Initiate better communications with our members and the general public At our November 2010 AGM, that was one of the key issues...

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News & Tips

Can I continue to compost in the winter? If so, what can I add to the pile? Yes, although the process will be somewhat slower, the worms and microorganisms are still active and working in the cold. Left over garden debris like small twigs and leaves make good additions. Be sure...

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Gardener Apprenticeship: Teaching Teens in the Garden

For three Sundays in the month of April, a group of teens aged 14 to 18 years learned the basics of gardening. This program, called the Gardener’s Apprentice Basic Certificate Program, is designed to prepare high school students to be employed in gardens on the Saanich Peninsula...

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Growing Gardens, Growing Minds

"the verb cultiver retains in French these two meanings: that of growing a garden and that of becoming learned" ALBERTO MANGUEL It’s a sunny, warm August morning at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific (HCP), Glendale Gardens and woodland. Sounds of excited children reach...

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Master Gardener FACT SHEETS

These Fact Sheets are provided by the Master Gardener Association of BC for your reference use. ** Please note the website referenced on these Fact Sheets is no longer in use.  The current website for Master Gardeners Association of BC is  

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Tribute to Master Gardener, Jeannette Moslin who passed away August 5, 2011

Kamloops has lost one of its dedicated gardeners with Jeannette Moslin's passing on August 5th.  A charter member of Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners Jeannette along with Master Gardener John Moslin created the beautiful Marjorie Willoughby Hospice Gardens (see attached...

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Kamloops Public Produce Garden

In early spring the Kamloops Food Policy Council in partnership with the Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners received a grant from the Interior Health Authority to create a Public Produce garden on a vacant lot donated for the season by a private developer. Public produce differs...

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Pollinator Gardening

An informative pamphlet detailing what to grow to attract pollinators to your garden.  A collaborative effort by  Kamloops Master Gardeners Elaine Sedgman and Fearon Blair and the city of Kamloops.  Available in Colour or BW versions.

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Thompson Shuswap Master Garden Tour & Tea - Salmon Arm

On June 18, 2011 the Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners gathered and traveled to Salmon Arm for our 3rd annual Master Gardener Tour and tea.  This is a summer get together for Master Gardeners that offers a chance to visit each other's gardens and socialize.  Because we have 2 MG...

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Junior Master Gardeners Summer Course, Victoria

Give your children or grandchildren FIVE sessions of learning and fun as Junior Master Gardeners this summer.    The course promotes a love of gardening, and helps them develop an appreciation for the environment.  The kids will learn how to grow veggies, find out about...

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