2016 SEEDY SATURDAYS - Learn How! Thru April

Seedy Days will be happening all across the country Please click on this link to view more info on other Seedy Days in February , March and April Meet Seed Vendors! Learn How to Plant and Grow Food. Take advantage of Special Deals on Seeds. Rub Shoulders with other like...

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2016 Garden Education Events

Another year of Gardening is fast upon us and already many Garden Clubs are up and running. There are a number of incredible events happening in February including Gardener’s Day in Salmon Arm, The Pacific North West Garden Show in Seattle and Seedy Saturday in Penticton. The...

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EUROPEAN FIRE ANTS : What's all the Fuss? New Info

The most probable pathway of introduction is through the movement and distribution of infested horticulture material, including potted plants,  soil and mulch. Example: Gardeners sharing with other gardeners. Excerpts from European Fire Ants in BC - Please click here to read the...

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SPRING IPM for the SWD : Asian Fruit Fly

Spring IPM for the Asian Fruit Fly : Spotted Wing Drosophilla UPDATE Nov 2016 via LInda Gilkeson: Some of the most recent information on this pest is that fall trapping could be useful control to catch the flies before they find a sheltered place to spend the winter. You can...

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TOOLKIT- WHAT'S NEW FOR MGs : Important Links

Diseases Impatiens Downy Mildew Fungus :  This disease was found in BC, summer 2013- more info here Info on the pathogen and other info  here BOXWOOD BLIGHT FOUND IN BC here List of susceptable cultivars here Pests of specific crops info here Invasive Weed alerts: Daphne...

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This year, Christmas baking reached a new culinary high: lemon tarts filled with lemon curd made from lemons from my own 'Improved Meyers Lemon' tree. Not only is it an attractive and exotic-looking plant, especially in winter, it is relatively easy to grow and the fruit are an...

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ROMANCE BLOSSOMS - A Trip to the NW Flower and Garden Show

This years' show embodied the theme 'Romance Blossoms' with stunning landscaped gardens by the region's best known landscapers and growers.  The exhibition featured 23 grand display gardens, daily schedules of instructive and entertaining seminars, floral competition, city...

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SPRING FORWARD - March 8th 2015

Another fabulous day of Lectures , Vendors and Plant Sales. Spring Forward 2015 , was Sunday, March 8, 2015  10 am - 4:30 pm MJ Fox Theatre, Burnaby We welcomed over 250 people:  Friends, Family and the General Public to this once a year event! -----------------------------...

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TANSY RAGWORT Information Project

“Tansy Ragwort is a Noxious Weed - Send It Packing!” The Victoria Master Gardeners Association and the Cowichan Exhibition collaborated on a public information project for the Cowichan Fair in 2014. Team members for the Victoria Master Gardener Association, Adele Weir, Frances...

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MIXING IT UP in the Urban Garden 2015 Post-Conference News

  The Mixing it Up in the Urban Garden 2015 conference was a huge success!   The conference SOLD OUT at over 250 registrants.  No one left disappointed. Conference Material: Mixing it Up Program (see link below) Speaker Presentations and Additional Information: Community...

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You Asked Us ........... NEW on the Victoria Chapter Website

Check it out!  A new monthly website feature for Victoria entitled You Asked Us ....... is now available for MG’s and the general public.  Based on actual questions presented to Master Gardeners at clinics in their community, You Asked Us ...... presents different questions each...

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Growing in my neighbourhood, I have watched these two monkey puzzle (Araucaria araucana) trees for some three or four years. They receive the same amount of light, are the same distance from the road, grow in very similar soil and receive the same sparing amounts of dry season...

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