Join Us! - Become a Master Gardener

The MGABC Master Gardener Program welcomes enthusiastic gardeners with a willingness to share their interest and experience with the public. To become a Master Gardener you must take the Master Gardener Basic Training Program offered through a Master Gardener Chapter or an...

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Exotic Indoor Winter Blooms

Nothing says winter exotica like the blooms of the winter lily. I began my adventure with these beauties last year when I rescued a bulb that, mistreated, was struggling to survive in the back of the display box. I was always appalled at the price asked for these bulbs, but...

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Daylight days are getting longer

December 21st, shortest daylight day of the year and Linda is already worrying about where to plant the amazing seeds she received at the latest Master Class on growing protein.  At a wonderful workshop titled 'Grow a Patch of Protein', Dan Jason from Salt Spring Seeds  brought...

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FROST HEAVES: Cause and Prevention

Cause: Frequent temperature cycles above and below freezing cause water near the soil surface to freeze, expand, and pull up more water from underground.  This causes desiccation underground and, due to pressure, compaction. The ice layers near the ground surface create pressure...

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Summer fun for Victoria MGs

Victoria Master Gardeners had three exceptional outings in the summer of 2016.

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A QUICK PRIMER ON MULCH Gardener's Best Friend

Plants feed from the soil, and mulch develops the kind of soil that makes healthy plants.  When we force our plants to rely on fertilizer rather than healthy soil for food, they become stressed from forced growing, incorrect balance of nutrients, and drought at the air-soil...

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The following information has been provided by Linda Gilkeson. The fungus is among us, with powdery mildew top of mind for many gardeners. That's the white, dusty coating you might be seeing on leaves of squash, peas, and other plants. Different species of fungi cause 'powdery...

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Me and the Hornet Queen: When the Wasp Decoys Don’t Work

For many years I’ve kept yellow jacket wasp nests away from our house with a wasp nest decoy. I bought the first one which cost  $10, and was eaten by the wind by June. Then I discovered a DYI that has worked beautifully for years, and cost nada. These decoys work because wasps...

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Lessons Learned Transplanting in the Dry Areas of the West Coast

After a recent gardener to gardener chat, it was suggested to me that I might commit some of my thoughts ‘to paper’. For the scientists in the crowd there are no p values, just things I have learned, mostly the hard way. I am a master gardener, with basic training. I think by...

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I Love Tree Peonies

This is a story of my experience with peonies, particularly tree peonies. I have found them to be well suited to the Pacific Northwest.  Summer drought tolerant, deer resistant, (in my world deer proof plants are those inside yards with large dogs and surrounded by 7 foot fences...

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Forcing Bulbs - forcing bulbs enables us to enjoy the fragrance of spring during dreary days of late fall and winter. Bulbs that force well are paper-white narcissus, tulips and hyacinths. To force paper-whites, place the bulbs in a container 2 or more inches deep and large...

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This year, Christmas baking reached a new culinary high: lemon tarts filled with lemon curd made from lemons from my own 'Improved Meyers Lemon' tree. Not only is it an attractive and exotic-looking plant, especially in winter, it is relatively easy to grow and the fruit are an...

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ROMANCE BLOSSOMS - A Trip to the NW Flower and Garden Show

This years' show embodied the theme 'Romance Blossoms' with stunning landscaped gardens by the region's best known landscapers and growers.  The exhibition featured 23 grand display gardens, daily schedules of instructive and entertaining seminars, floral competition, city...

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SPRING FORWARD - March 8th 2015

Another fabulous day of Lectures , Vendors and Plant Sales. Spring Forward 2015 , was Sunday, March 8, 2015  10 am - 4:30 pm MJ Fox Theatre, Burnaby We welcomed over 250 people:  Friends, Family and the General Public to this once a year event! -----------------------------...

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Growing in my neighbourhood, I have watched these two monkey puzzle (Araucaria araucana) trees for some three or four years. They receive the same amount of light, are the same distance from the road, grow in very similar soil and receive the same sparing amounts of dry season...

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Mid Island VIMGA members - Horticulture Therapy at Cerwydden Long Term Care Facility in Duncan

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ADVANCED TRAINING - Trees : A Walk at Dart's Hill

More stunning shots this time of the October field trip for Advanced Training : Trees, to Dart's Hill, in Surrey BC - Click here for more info on Advanced training A remarkable Heritage Tree, Juglans cimera x J. sieboldiana v. Cordiformis (Canadian/ Japanese walnut hybrid) ...

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Gardening can be a hobby, a passion, our way to help the environment, grow great fresh food, help defray the cost of living, or all of this and so much more.  We can learn so much from the experience of others in our own neighbourhoods, and not so infrequently the lessons...

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ADVANCED TRAINING - Trees - A Walk in the Garden

A stunning example of Sequoia sempervirens, the California Redwood at VanDusen Botanical Gardens. For more info on Advanced Training click here   Instructor Nancy Moore leads the ATP Class on a garden tour, explaining the significant features of many landscape trees  Acer...

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Read about the Dunster Tour in the PDF below.

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Members of the David Douglas Botanical Garden Society, under the leadership of the MGAPG, gathered in late August to begin work on a fundraiser for the Garden. Ten members created over 20 hypertufa planters from plastic bowls and various other containers. The planters will be...

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MG ADVANCED TRAINING : Shrubs ~ A Walk in the Garden

On a beautiful spring day at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, our enthusiastic instructor, Betty Cunnin, explains the characteristics of Rosaceae, the Rose Family. (The name comes from the type genus Rosa. Among the most species-rich genera are Alchemilla, Sorbus, Crateaegus,...

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Visitors to Greater Vancouver are always delighted (and often astonished) by the magnificent gardens. The temperate climate encourages Master Gardeners to create unique gardens that contain an exceptionally wide range of plants. Click on the link that follows to see photos of...

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MG ADVANCED TRAINING : Native Plants with Dr. Richard Hebda

Derek , Vancouver MG, is a graduate of Advanced Training.  He's generously shared a few lovely photos of a  Native Plant walk at VanDusen with Dr. Richard Hebda, ATP Instructor. For more info on Advanced Training click here Devil's Club : the most used plant for medicinal...

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BEETLE ID - Ten Lined June Beetle

One of our members spotted this specimen recently and reported : Linda Gilkeson claims that this beetle does no great harm to the garden, although it can munch away at conifers. It was dead when found beneath a Douglas fir. This beetle and its larvae could be destructive if...

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