Cold-Climate Gardening

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 10:49 -- Prince George

Prince George author and Master Gardener Melanie J. Watts shares her wealth of gardening knowledge in her recently published book Growing Food in a short season:Sustainable, Organic Cold-Climate Gardening. The combination of short summers and long hours of daylight presents a unique challenge for northern gardeners who hope to harvest crops before the killing autumn frosts arrive. The book is a comprehensive guide to growing vegetables, herbs and fruit. Much of her advice is pertinent for every gardener no matter where they live. Long before organic and sustainable became part of our awareness, Melanie believed that healthy soil, water and sunlight were the ingredients necessary for producing abundant harvests of tasty food. She shows the gardener how to work with nature by paying attention to frost dates, microclimates and crop maturity dates. She explains how to manipulate Mother Nature with the judicious use of crop covers, cold frames and green houses to extend the growing season. Melanie offers advice on planting, harvesting and preserving produce for the long winter. Her book contains 40 recipes and features photographs and detailed instructions for DIY cold frames and crop covers.

Melanie has been a freelance writer since 1995 and an organic gardener since 1986. For more information visit her website at The book is available at bookstores everywhere or locally from Melanie in Prince George.

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