OMG Class of 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 Class of Master Gardeners-in-Training! We have 16 new MGiTs who join us in offering advice to our gardening public. Please welcome them and assist them as they start joining us at clinics.   Melba Reid, MG/BTP Co-ordinator  "No two gardens are the...

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Vancouver Members Receive Outstanding Service Awards

Sometimes members go beyond what is expected of them and we recognize them with a special name plate identifying them as Outstanding!   Most of you who have attended Basic Training  have experienced first hand the value provided by our dedicated Basic Training Volunteers.  We...

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VOTE for Canada's National Flower

What’s the National Flower of Canada? We have an official tree- the maple, but we do NOT have an official flower!  ​​Master Gardeners of Ontario thinks Canada’s 150th birthday is the perfect time to launch a campaign to get one! Toronto Master Gardeners with help from Todd...

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A SPRING AFFAIR lessons & landscapes - Photos and Awards

We laughed and we learned.  Thank you to everyone ( almost 350 ! ) who came out to listen to our 4 terrific speakers  Scroll down to view photos of the day and service awards ... Cick HERE to see photos of our Outstanding Service Award recipients Vancouver Master Gardeners...

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Seedy Saturdays are Here!

Seedy Days will be happening all across the country Please click on this link to view more info on other Seedy Days in January, February , March and April Meet Seed Vendors! Learn How to Plant and Grow Food. Take advantage of Special Deals on Seeds. Rub Shoulders with other...

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Congratulations to our Newest Vancouver MGs

These graduating students braved the icy streets and deep snow to get to VanDusen's Floral Hall in early February to receive their Master Gardener Certificates and new name tags. Congratulations to all 20 of our Vancouver Chapter Basic Training students who graduated to...

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Mixing it Up 2017 is a Happy Memory

Conference delegates have taken away ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm for "Our Gardens of the Future".   The perfect way to spend a January day: chatting with other gardening enthusiasts, exploring new ideas about Our Gardens of the Future with the Speakers and the Resource...

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VMGA Support BC Housing Harvest Celebration

Victoria Master Gardeners Support BC Housing's Harvest Celebration Six Master Gardeners and Master-Gardeners-In-Training took part in the Harvest Celebration on July 23. The event is a celebration of the gardening efforts by participants in BC Housing's People, Plants, Homes...

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MEMBERS! Come to the MGABC AGM in September !

REGISTRATION:   ONLINE ONLY – REGISTRATION OPEN NOW CLICK HERE   The Prince George Chapter welcomes you to the North for the 2016 MGABC AGM.  We hope you will  make the drive or catch a flight to visit us in September.   We have a full, fun and interesting weekend  planned for ...

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VMGA Project Wins Award of Excellence!

Our project “Growing in Our Community – Elementary School Program” was awarded a 2nd place Award of Excellence at the Canadian Master Gardeners’ Conference in April, 2016. Applications were received from Master Gardener chapters across Canada. The purpose of the award is to...

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OKMGs receive a 'Certificate of Appreciation' at 2016 Blossom Time Fair

Please join me in extending my congratulations to Wilma Schellenberger, Pat Zander and Judy Bell. Yesterday they received a Certificate of Appreciation for "The many years of donating their time & expertise of plants and flowers in order to support the Blossom Time Fair...

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VANCOUVER wins award of Excellence

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Victoria's first Advanced Training Grads!

Six Victoria Master Gardeners are the first graduates of the VMGA Advanced Training Program: Congratulations to Nancy, Lee, Keren, Charlotte, Debbie and Gail (not in photo)! These grads completed 120 hours of advanced training, and are the first of a large group of Master...

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LEARN ABOUT OUR EDUCATION AND VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS Master Gardener Training is offered in 6 different regions in the Province. There is a Classroom component , followed by a Volunteer Component which must be met before becoming a Qualified Master Gardener and receiving your...

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A SPRING AFFAIR - from Dirt to Dixter - post conference news

POST CONFERENCE NEWS: It was a cold , wet , blustery day - perfect for spending indoors! Over 375 People attended and the day flew by as we laughed and learned. Our 3 MG Speakers: Mike N, Cathy C. and Tony P. rounded out the lectures nicely at the end of the day with their short...

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2016 SEEDY SATURDAYS - Learn How! Thru April

Seedy Days will be happening all across the country Please click on this link to view more info on other Seedy Days in February , March and April Meet Seed Vendors! Learn How to Plant and Grow Food. Take advantage of Special Deals on Seeds. Rub Shoulders with other like...

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2016 Garden Education Events

Another year of Gardening is fast upon us and already many Garden Clubs are up and running. There are a number of incredible events happening in February including Gardener’s Day in Salmon Arm, The Pacific North West Garden Show in Seattle and Seedy Saturday in Penticton. The...

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EUROPEAN FIRE ANTS : What's all the Fuss? New Info

The most probable pathway of introduction is through the movement and distribution of infested horticulture material, including potted plants,  soil and mulch. Example: Gardeners sharing with other gardeners. Excerpts from European Fire Ants in BC - Please click here to read the...

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TANSY RAGWORT Information Project

“Tansy Ragwort is a Noxious Weed - Send It Packing!” The Victoria Master Gardeners Association and the Cowichan Exhibition collaborated on a public information project for the Cowichan Fair in 2014. Team members for the Victoria Master Gardener Association, Adele Weir, Frances...

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MIXING IT UP in the Urban Garden 2015 Post-Conference News

  The Mixing it Up in the Urban Garden 2015 conference was a huge success!   The conference SOLD OUT at over 250 registrants.  No one left disappointed. Conference Material: Mixing it Up Program (see link below) Speaker Presentations and Additional Information: Community...

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You Asked Us ........... NEW on the Victoria Chapter Website

Check it out!  A new monthly website feature for Victoria entitled You Asked Us ....... is now available for MG’s and the general public.  Based on actual questions presented to Master Gardeners at clinics in their community, You Asked Us ...... presents different questions each...

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SEEDY SATURDAY - Vancouver -

Mark your Calendars! Seedy Saturday 2016 is February 27th -- vancouver seedy Saturday's are always the last Saturday of February  Seedy Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 10 am - 4pm Floral Hall,  VanDusen - Admission by Donation Come join us at this celebrated annual event featuring...

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Cold-Climate Gardening

Prince George author and Master Gardener Melanie J. Watts shares her wealth of gardening knowledge in her recently published book Growing Food in a short season:Sustainable, Organic Cold-Climate Gardening. The combination of short summers and long hours of daylight presents a...

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Darlene Cross - 2014 Gardener Of The Year

Master Gardener, Darlene Cross was chosen to be the 2014 Gardener of the Year by the Communities in Bloom (CIB) Committee. Darlene has served as one of the judges for the annual Green Thumb Garden Contest (sponsored by the Kelowna City Parks Department) and has done so for at...

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Become a Master Gardener in Victoria

Register NOW 2015 Master Gardener Basic Training Program   Calling all garden enthusiasts.  Do you wish to increase your horticultural knowledge and share that knowledge with the gardening public on a volunteer basis?  If so, this program is for you.   The Victoria Master...

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