VMGA Support BC Housing Harvest Celebration

Mon, 09/05/2016 - 22:38 -- kerri.seifried
Monday, September 5, 2016

Victoria Master Gardeners Support BC Housing's Harvest Celebration

Six Master Gardeners and Master-Gardeners-In-Training took part in the Harvest Celebration on July 23. The event is a celebration of the gardening efforts by participants in BC Housing's People, Plants, Homes program. VMGA members ran an informal clinic, gave a presentation on Planting Winter Vegetables in Containers and assisted attendees in planting winter vegetable starts and flowers in pots for them to take home. Master Gardeners have contributed to this program for three years now.

The program coordinator, Angela Moran says:
"The Master Gardeners always bring an informative and supportive presence to all of the BC Housing Gardening events that they have participated in. Our tenants really enjoy being able to ask questions and share knowledge around plants and gardening. It is especially helpful during our annual Harvest Celebration when the Master Gardeners demonstrate winter veggie gardening skills and support the tenants in planting Winter Veggie planters. This really goes a long way in supporting tenants with their experience of isolation and food insecurity. Thank you to the Victoria Master Gardener's!!!!!"

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