Vancouver Members Receive Outstanding Service Awards

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 13:33 -- Admin

Sometimes members go beyond what is expected of them and we recognize them with a special name plate identifying them as Outstanding!  

Most of you who have attended Basic Training  have experienced first hand the value provided by our dedicated Basic Training Volunteers.  We would like to recognize Doreen LeNobel and Jo Toon each with an Outstanding Service Award for their many years of dedication and special attention to the students they mentor.  We consider you both invaluable.

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Jill Wright, far right, presents Jo and Doreen with their pins. Thank you ladies!

This year we would also like to present Gary Lake with an Outstanding Service Award.  He has been our trusty Treasurer for the past 6 years and a wise voice on council.  Thank you Gary for volunteering your accounting skills in addition to your muscle loading all those bags of Sea Soil so early in the morning at the Spring Affair.

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Congratulations to Doreen L., Gary L. and Jo T. who recently were awarded Outstanding Service Awards for their service to Vancouver Master Gardeners. 

Know a member who you think gives our organization Outstanding Service? Let us know. Awards are presented based on nominations by others.

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