Native Plant Study Group: Local Wildflowers At Your Feet

Sun, 04/16/2017 - 07:31 -- Andrea
7:00 pm

This talk by longstanding member Agnes Lynn, will focus on Vancouver
Island wild flowers, starting with the earliest ones such as Satin
Flowers in late March through to the ones on Mount Washington in late

ATTN GARDENERS: Agnes will demonstrate how easy or hard it is to get
some of these growing in your own garden. Tips from an experienced
native plant gardener!

UVic, MacLaurin Bldg, RM D-110
Notes: $3.00 for parking at UVic

Along with a friend, you are welcome to bring
- Any and all questions about native plants or native plant gardening
for the Question Jar
- Loonies/toonies for treats and tea at the refreshment break
- Box to carry home lots of native plants & seeds available by raffle
$1/ticket or $2 for 3 tickets
- Travel mug or coffee mug for refreshments
- Potted and labelled native plants or items of interest for the raffle
- Some cookies or other shareable treats for 3 free draw tickets!

- UVic Alumni after 33 years
- Now considers herself an amateur Naturalist
- Charter member of the Native Plant Study Group which started meeting
at the Royal BC Museum. Robert Ogilvie had hoped that members would help
maintain the Native Plant Garden at the Museum.
- Not just interested in Botany but everything in nature. Enjoys
Birding on a regular basis. Trying to learn more about Fungi and other
aspects of the natural world.
- Coordinates field trip for the Victoria Natural History Society as
well as other organizations.

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